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Aerial View of Surfers

Abyssal Thoughts - Ethereal Strokes

Abyss is a self-taught visual artist based in Athens, Greece. Her media of choice are pencil, acrylic paint and oil paint. Highly influenced by the Surrealists, she started her creative journey using automatic techniques (Breton and Ernst) to manage to depict her unconscious and later shifted to creating dream-like realistic (Dali and Magritte) paintings. Her aim is to find the fine line between these two techniques in order for her paintings to be healing for both the creator and the observer. To achieve this she is incorporating in her paintings symbols that have been assigned certain spiritual qualities. Her main inspiration as an artist is human’s interaction with nature, as a representation of what we often classify as the divine or even as a gate to our experience of spirituality. She has participated in shows in Athens and London, as well as digital residencies. Currently she is preparing a project that is destined to decode the relation to the sea and ascension that one can experience underwater (exhibition details to come).

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